Tapestry at Akasha Art Projects: What to see!

Persian carpets are stories and poetry told in pictures.

These visual narratives are the memories, the histories and even
the souls of previous owners.

 Each carpet is composed of dyed wool and silk, which are carefully knotted by deft hands, made from memory

and handed down from one generation to the next.

Tabriz, Esfahan, Nain, Bukhara, Qom and Shiraz are but a few of these regions that have produced characteristic styles.

Thomas’ work has always focused on function, form, symmetry and beauty.

In his Persia series, he explores how these carpets adorn our floors and walls, and beautify our lives.

These vibrant images, most of which measure 40 inches, squared, give a new voice to ancient poetry.

Thomas Brasch (B.A, B.Ed. MBA) is a Toronto-based photographer. His passion for photography drives his creative expression.

Completely self-taught in the art, he is able to showcase his perceptions of beauty, turning the real into surreal.

His work can be viewed at thomasbrasch.com. He can be contacted at thomas@thomasbrasch.com or 905-244-9955.


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